Portrait of Assistant Deputy Chief Ty Eagleson

The Investigations Bureau is under the command of Assistant Deputy Chief Ty Eagleson. The Bureau is responsible for conducting follow-up investigations on all criminal incidents reported to the Rockford Police Department as well as initiating investigations. The bureau is staffed by day and afternoon shifts, and on-call detectives, and is comprised of the following units: 

  • Crime Scene 
  • Domestic Violence 
  • Financial 
  • Gang 
  • Narcotics 
  • Property Crimes 
  • Sensitive Crimes
  • Violent Crimes

The bureau is also staffed by patrol officers of the following units: School, Housing Authority, and the Specialized Community Oriented Policing Enforcement team (SCOPE).

Domestic Violence

The Domestic Violence Unit investigates reports of domestic violence and abuse, and assists in the prosecution of persons suspected of domestic violence and abuse. The unit also works toward the prevention of these crimes by combining its efforts with the efforts of victims, victim support, education agencies, and the community. Find additional information on the Domestic Violence Local Help & Resources Page.

Financial and Property Crimes Unit

The Financial and Property Crimes Unit investigates property crimes, computer and internet crimes, financial crimes, and identity theft crimes.

Gang Unit

The Gang Unit investigates gang-related crimes and activities and provides assistance to other units including the School Unit and the Rockford Housing Authority Unit.


If you own property that has been defaced by gang graffiti and you wish to report it to the police, please call the Rockford Police Department non-emergency number, 815-966-2900. 

After reporting the graffiti to the police, you can call the City of Rockford Graffiti Hotline at 815-961-3243 for assistance in removing the graffiti and repainting it. If you do not wish to report the incident to the police, you may still call the Graffiti Hotline for assistance. The Graffiti Hotline will not notify the police of any graffiti they remove. When reporting graffiti to the hotline, please provide the address of the defaced building, structure, or property.

Narcotics Unit

The Narcotics Unit is responsible for the investigation and suppression of drug activity within the City of Rockford. Members of the unit utilize information from the public, confidential informants, surveillance equipment, and a variety of other techniques to complete their investigations.

If you are confronted by a drug dealer or drug user contact the police immediately by calling 911. If you suspect someone is dealing drugs in your neighborhood call the Narcotics Hotline: at 571-362-5098 and report your suspicions to the Narcotics Unit. Please remember that the police have limitations regarding what they can and can not do to stop illegal drug activity. After reporting a problem please be patient as a noticeable police response may take some time.

Wanna make an anonymous drug report?  Use our Tip 411 Program!  Click this link for all the info:  RPD's Tip 411 Program