About Neighborhood Standards

The City of Rockford's Neighborhood Standards Department inspects and works with property owners to achieve compliance on a variety of the City's General Ordinances, Property Maintenance Codes, and Zoning Ordinances. On this page are some of the most common violations encountered at residential, commercial, and industrial properties in the City by the City's Neighborhood Enforcement Specialists.

Step-by-step instructions on how to submit a Service Request (PDF).

If you have a complaint or question regarding the ordinance for tall grass and weeds, you can call the weeds hotline at 779-348-7161. You can also contact Neighborhood Standards for other questions or complaints regarding the above ordinances at 779-348-7160.

Sanitation / Trash Collection Questions

You can find the garbage collection schedule, frequently asked questions, and other sanitation related content by clicking here. If you are a City of Rockford resident and have an issue with your garbage service, please contact Rock River Disposal initially at 815-965-CITY (2489).  If your issue needs further resolution, please e-mail us and be sure to include your name and service address.

Property Standards

Property Standards is a section under Neighborhood Standards that deals with issues related to the safety and maintenance of building structures. For more information on the codes and ordinances inspected by Property Standards.