Stormwater & Environmental Team

Mission Statement

The Stormwater Environmental Division is ultimately focused on protecting and improving the quality of local bodies of water. This is done by implementing flood control systems, water monitoring, and enforcing water-friendly construction practices that follow Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. Keeping environmental issues in mind, the division strives to keep the city’s water safe for recreation as well as usage at home.

Stormwater Master Plan

The purpose of a Stormwater Master Plan is to develop a comprehensive planning approach to manage stormwater quality and quantity throughout the city. Planning helps to mitigate potential damage to property and infrastructure as well as to ensure public safety and health.

The City of Rockford Stormwater Master Plan (SWMP) was developed as part of Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) requirements by the State of Illinois National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) stormwater discharge permit program. The SWMP outlines the City of Rockford's objectives, goals, programs, and standard operating procedures to provide policy and management guidance for activities affecting stormwater throughout the city of Rockford.

The City of Rockford Engineering Division hosted two public meetings to introduce the Stormwater Management Program and to provide an opportunity for citizen participation. Below you will find the final comprehensive Stormwater Master Plan and corresponding presentation. The focus of this plan is the significance of a properly managed stormwater system as well as the goals and strategies identified to improve the health and safety of residents through the stormwater program.

View the Stormwater Master Plan (PDF).

Stormwater Reporting

Report a Drainage Inlet Problem

The City of Rockford requires all Storm Water-related calls to be answered by a live person. Please contact the City of Rockford Street Division 24 hours a day by calling 779-348-7260.

Stormwater Complaint

The storm drains in the street outside each property flow directly to waterways without any treatment. Therefore, it is with great importance that waste dumping is prohibited within street surfaces, drainage pipes, and ditches, or into storm drains. This structure is for rainwater only. Please report all dumping onto street surfaces, into storm drains, or into any other device built to contain rainfall or runoff to the Public Works Department Stormwater Division at 779-348-7175.

  • Erosion and Sedimentation Complaints: Pertains to observed excessive erosion and sedimentation from active construction sites.
  • Illicit Discharge Complaints: Pertains to observed illegal dumping into the stormwater system and/or streams. Anything entering the stormwater system that is not stormwater is considered an illicit discharge.

The City of Rockford requires all Stormwater related calls to be answered by a live person. Please contact the City of Rockford Street Division 24 hours a day by calling 779-348-7260.

To report an Emergency, call 911.