Auction License

An annual license expires on January 31st.

This license applies to all individuals and entities who want to sell the property by public outcry to the highest bidder or who offer the property to the public at a price higher than its value and then lower the price or increase the number of articles until someone accepts the property as a purchase. This can either be an annual license or a daily license depending on your needs. See Code sections 23.19 through 23.28 for further information.

To obtain a license, complete the Auction License Application and return it with a copy of the complete inventory of items to be sold and the appropriate license fee to the Payment Center at City Hall. The license will be issued upon the approval of the application.

Compliance with all laws, ordinances, and regulations of the City of Rockford, including all building, zoning, and fire regulations as well as State of Illinois statutes applicable to such a licensed business or device is mandatory.