Compensation Reporting

The City is required, under laws of the State of Illinois, to post compensation information within six days after approval of the budget.

The law requires that the City post information for employees earning over $75,000 in total compensation, including salary, health insurance, housing, vehicle or clothing allowances, bonuses, loans, vacation days granted and sick days granted. The City has chosen to include all employees, and to also provide the previous year's actual pay, including overtime.

The three files below show the total report sorted three ways, first, alphabetically by employee last name, second by actual prior year pay sorted highest to lowest, and finally by current year total compensation sorted highest to lowest.

For questions on this information, please contact Budget staff at 779-348-7467.

2023 Compensation Report Sorted By 2023 Total Compensation (PDF)

2023 Compensation Report Sorted by 2022 Actual Pay (PDF)

2023 Compensation Report Sorted Alphabetically (PDF)

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