Building Permits

Building permit(s) shall be obtained prior to:

  1. Construction, alteration, enlargement, repair, or moving of a structure larger than 120 square feet.
  2. Demolition of a structure,
  3. Change of occupancy of a structure, or
  4. Moving a lot line which affects the required fire rating of an exterior wall of a structure.

See frequently asked questions for work exempt from building permits.

Construction documents prepared by a licensed design professional may be required to be submitted with the permit application. View frequently asked building questions for when and why construction documents are required.

Building Contractor Licenses

  1. General contractors are not required to be licensed.
  2. Roofing contractors are required to obtain a license from the State of Illinois Department of Professional Regulation
  3. Tent Erectors are required to obtain an annual license from the City of Rockford Building Department at 779-348-7158.
  4. Outdoor Advertisers (Outdoor sign contractors) are required to obtain an annual license from the City of Rockford Finance Department, Revenue Section 779-348-7300.
  5. Bed and Breakfast Establishments are required to obtain and renew an annual license to operate.

Building Inspections

Permits must be posted where visible from the address street or at the primary entrance to the structure before any work begins. No inspection will be performed without the posting of a permit. Inspections must be requested 1 full business day or 24 hours in advance.

  1. Lowest floor elevation - certification following excavation and prior to any other work when the structure is located in a flood hazard area or when requested by Public Works Department.
  2. Footing or Foundation - following excavations and after forms and any reinforcing steel are in place and prior to pouring of concrete.
  3. Damproofing and Drainage Tiles - following completion of foundation and prior to backfilling of foundation.
  4. Structural / Building Framing - following completion of framing and all other trade rough-in inspections and prior to insulating or covering wall, ceiling, or roof framing
  5. Optional Insulation - following installation of insulation and all doors and windows in the building's thermal envelope.
  6. Optional Lath and Plaster Board - following lath or gypsum board installation of plaster or joint compound for fire-rated assemblies
  7. Final - following completion and passing of all other trade/division final inspections. Upon the passing of this inspection, a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued for new construction at each address. A Certificate of Final inspection may be issued for addition, change of occupancy, or alteration projects if requested or at the discretion of the department.