South Main Focus Area Plan

The City of Rockford recently began working with residents and owners in the South Main area to create a South Main Focus Area Plan. What's a focus area plan? It's a 5-year action plan that sets out specific steps to be carried out by the City of Rockford, by organizations and businesses in the area, and by residents to strengthen the South Main area. To date, we have had four meetings - one with the neighborhood at large, one with the area churches, and two with the business owners.

A focus area plan plays a critical role in helping us determine the most effective way to concentrate our limited resources in a small area. The objective is to achieve significant results in three to five years, encourage private investment, provide services to residents where needed, and increase confidence in the areas designated.

The boundaries we are using for this plan are:

  • The Rock River to the east
  • Marchesano Drive to the south
  • West Street to the west from Marchesano to Morgan, then Corbin Street north to the railroad tracks
  • The railroad tracks just past Kent Creek to the north

View the South Main Map (PDF).

View the South Rockford Target Plan (PDF).

For this to be truly effective, residents and owners in the neighborhood need to participate. To become involved, contact Vicki Manson with the Community Development Department at 779-348-7162. For our part, we will do our best to keep the community informed by posting meeting dates and sites here, and by posting notes from any future meetings.