The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides energy assistance to residents in the form a benefit paid directly to utilities on behalf of eligible households.


In order to qualify for LIHEAP, households must meet state income guidelines, and be responsible for their household's heating bills or pay for those bills as part of their rent.

Documents Required

In order to complete an application for LIHEAP, certain documents are required. Please have these documents available before calling our agency or our partner sites for an appointment. 

Applying for LIHEAP

Our agency takes the majority of our applications directly. We also have a list of partner sites that process applications.

Our Agency

If you are disconnected or have a disconnection notice that is effective within 7 days, please call our office Mondays Through Fridays 8am-5pm

If you aren't at immediate risk of disconnection, you can call our office any Friday through May. On these days, we schedule appointments that our agents can handle (but aren't already reserved for an at risk client) for the week.

Our office can be reached at (844) 710-6919

Partner Sites

Our agency has partnered with various sites that take applications and send them to us for verification. These sites have agreed to take these applications with no cost to our clients.