About Construction & Development Services

The primary function of the Construction and Development Services Division is to provide building, mechanical, and electrical inspections for all existing and new construction, as well as administer land use planning, zoning policies, and historic preservation.

The Construction and Development Services Division provides consolidated services to our customers while promoting economic development and protecting the public health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Rockford through issuance of permits, performance of inspections, the review of land use, subdivisions, implementation of balanced growth initiatives, and the enforcement of various codes and ordinances.

Safety is achieved through proper design and construction practice and issuance of permits and City inspections which verifies compliance with building codes. You, as a business owner or homeowner, have a substantial investment which can be seriously jeopardized through less-than-complete code enforcement and compliance.

Building permits provide the means for Code Officials to protect us by reducing the potential hazards of unsafe construction and therefore ensuring the public health, safety and welfare.

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