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1. What is the address of the Rockford Fire Department headquarters?
2. What is the phone number for the Fire Department?
3. Who do I contact for questions about my ambulance bill?
4. How do I request a copy of a public record (i.e. incident reports, inspection reports, etc.)?
5. What is the City of Rockford’s fire insurance rating (ISO)?
6. How many fire stations are there in the City of Rockford?
7. What are the types of fire department apparatus?
8. Why do you send a fire truck with an ambulance to a medical call?
9. I have a question about a fire hydrant.
10. Will the Fire Department respond to get a cat or other animal out of a tree?
11. I have a Carbon Monoxide or Natural Gas leak.
12. Does the Fire Department respond to lock outs?
13. Does the City charge for false alarms?
14. Does the Fire Department install car seats?
15. Does the Fire Department provide CPR classes?
16. How do I request the Fire Department to attend an event?
17. Can I have a recreational fire in the City of Rockford?
18. Where can I get help after a fire or emergency?
19. How do I receive my Knox Box keys?
20. How do I schedule an inspection of my business?