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1. Who do I call about a City liquor or tobacco license?
2. Does the City of Rockford allow ownership of chickens?
3. How do I find out about my next court date?
4. Where do I pay or dispute my Park Rockford ticket?
5. I need an attorney for a private matter (divorce, alimony, child support, a civil lawsuit, neighborhood dispute). Can the City represent me?
6. How do I report the company who illegally towed my car from a private lot?
7. How do I obtain a State of Illinois Liquor License?
8. How do I report discrimination at the workplace?
9. Who collects taxes for the City and County?
10. Where do I register to vote? Where do I vote?
11. Where can I find the City’s Code of Ordinances?
12. How do I complain about a barking dog or a dog running loose?
13. How do I obtain a raffle license?
14. Where can I get a new marriage license? or just a copy of it?
15. Where can I get a copy of my birth certificate or my child’s?
16. What are the responsibilities of the Department of Law?
17. What is the phone number for the Department of Law?
18. Where is the Department of Law located?
19. My car was damaged by a pothole - how do I file a claim against the City?
20. Where do I pay my traffic (speeding) ticket?
21. What is the phone number for the Public Defender’s office?
22. Where do I make a claim for an accident with a City vehicle?
23. How do I report damage from a snowplow to my mailbox or other property?
24. How do I report a mowing or weeds violation?
25. How do I determine who owns property in the City of Rockford?