How to Report Illegal Drug Activity

f you are confronted by a drug dealer or drug user contact the police immediately by calling 911.

If you suspect someone is dealing drugs in your neighborhood call 571-362-5098 and report your suspicions to the Rockford Police Department Narcotics Unit. Complete the  Illegal Drug Activity Reporting Form  to submit information to the Rockford Narcotics Unit via email. Please read below for information on activity that may indicate illegal drug trafficking as well as for tips on what information about the activity will be particularly useful to the police.

Thank you for taking the time to view the information contained here. It would be impossible for the police to combat illegal drug trafficking without your help and the help of other concerned citizens. Please remember that the police have limitations regarding what they can and can not do to stop illegal drug activity. After reporting a problem please be patient as a noticeable police response may take some time. Thank you again.

Activity That May Be Drug Related

  • A person / people loitering in or around the street (or street corner) who are approaching vehicles.
  • A person / people sitting in a vehicle in a parking lot who are repeatedly approached by pedestrians.
  •  A large number of people visit a residence for short periods of time or speak to the occupants of the residence through a window.
  •  A large number of plastic baggies in or around the yard of a residence.
  • A residence that has its porch light on at odd hours of the day or night.
  • Shoes with shoelaces tied together and thrown over telephone lines or overhead electrical wires indicate the location of a drug house.
  • People standing outside a residence or around a block talking on two-way radios.
  • Any other activity that cannot be dismissed with a common sense explanation.

Useful Information to Report

  • The exact address or location of the drug activity.
  • The color and complete description of the residence where drug activity is taking place.
  • The color, make, model, year, and license plate number of any vehicles involved in the drug activity.
  • The names of any people who are known to be involved in the trafficking of illegal drugs.
  • Time of day when the drug activity is most apparent.
  • Are there any children who live at the residence or who are present while the drug activity is taking place?
  • 7. Any information about security at the residence (surveillance cameras, barricades, etc.)
  • 8. Are there dogs kept at the residence where drug activity is taking place?
  • 9. Are any of the subjects who are involved in the drug activity known to carry weapons?
  • 10. What type of drugs are being sold? (if known)

Reporting Illegal Drug Activity

For general information regarding ongoing or routine drug activity :