Neighborhood Voice

All Rockford residents deserve to be connected to the resources, services, and support they need in order to feel safe and happy in their neighborhoods. The Neighborhood Specialist strives to empower Rockford neighborhoods and uplift resident voices, helping all neighbors to develop a sense of belonging in the City.

Neighborhood Groups

Several Rockford neighborhoods are served by associations that may host meetings, hold events, and develop projects to positively impact their neighborhoods. If you would like to know if your neighborhood has an association, contact Neighborhood Specialist Barb Chidley.

Connecting with Neighbors

Anyone who lives in a neighborhood can make a difference! Even seemingly small daily habits can create a big impact. If your neighborhood does not currently have a neighborhood association, the Neighborhood Specialist can help you create one. If leading a large group is not your thing, you can learn how to connect meaningfully with your neighbors in other ways as well.

  • A neighborhood association can bring together residents to discuss concerns, develop common goals, and create a sense of community in the neighborhood. It can be formal or casual. The Neighborhood Specialist will help you develop the structure that works best for you.
  • Block connectors can develop relationships with and among neighbors in close proximity to one another, as well as help their neighbors connect to resources, services, and support. (Visit the Connect Rockford website for more information.)
  • Social events can be large or small, involving a lot of time and effort or just a little.

Other Assistance

The Neighborhood Specialist can also help you and your neighbors:

  • Facilitate conversations about important topics impacting your neighborhood
  • Develop goals and plans for improving the quality of life in your neighborhood
  • Connect to resources needed to accomplish your goals, such as grants and project partners
  • Build relationships with City departments and personnel, your alderman, and your community service police officers

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