About Us

The Department of Law acts as legal counsel for the City of Rockford, its elected officials, officers, and employees (in their official capacities), and provide legal advice to the various City Departments and agencies.

The Department of Law is located on the 7th floor of City Hall. The department provides legal services for administrative and legislative issues including:

  • Maintaining custody of records and city documents, and preparing, recording, filing, and keeping all proceeds of the city council
  • Appearing for and protecting the rights and interests of the city in actions, suits, and proceedings brought by or against it or any city officer, board, or department acting in their official capacities
  • Prosecuting city ordinance violations, including code enforcement for Building Department, Zoning Division, and Fire Department
  • Advising and prosecuting, as required by law, matters for certain commissions and committees
  • Acting on behalf of the Mayor to issue liquor licenses, and investigate and prosecute violations of the liquor code
  • Providing legal advice concerning matters to the City Council and drafting ordinances, committee reports, and resolutions as required
  • Acquiring and disposing of an interest in real estate for the City of Rockford
  • Drawing deeds, leases, contracts, or other papers as required for the City of Rockford

The Legal Department cannot provide legal advice to members of the general public.

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