Alarm Permits & False Alarm Fines

The City of Rockford's False Alarm Ordinance was instituted to assist in providing a safe environment for everyone and requires owners of monitored security systems to register their systems with the City. An alarm permit is required for all monitored alarm systems within the City.

Registering Your Alarm System

To register your system, visit the City Support page. Registering your system and purchasing the permit does not relieve you of your responsibility to properly maintain and use your alarm system.

False Alarm Allowance

An alarm permit does provide you with two no-fine false alarms in a rolling twelve-month period. Three or more false alarms within a rolling 12-month period will result in the following fines:

  • One Time Registration Permit = $25
  • From 3 to 8 false alarms = $100 per false alarm
  • For false alarms 9 and 10 = $200 per false alarm
  • More than 10 false alarms = $300 per false alarm

Rolling 12-Month Example

Here is an example of how the rolling 12-month cycle works:

Let's say you registered your alarm system in January 2018 and in that month you had one false alarm. Then in February of 2018, you had one false alarm. That's two false alarms in two months. One more and you are subject to a fine. Your next false alarm doesn't occur until January 2019. Because the 12-month period is rolling, you still have two false alarms, not one. The false alarm that you had in January 2018 gets dropped because that happened 13 months ago and no longer applies to your 12-month period

Getting a False Alarm

If you get a false alarm, the Alarm Program Administrator will send a notification of the false alarm to the alarm owner. If the false alarm falls within the allowed two false alarms in a 12-month period, the notification will be sent with a zero balance due. If the false alarm is the third or higher within the 12-month period, the notification will list the balance due.

Payment can be made online on the City Support page, or by mailing the payment to:

City of Rockford Alarm Program
P.O. Box 6112
Concord, CA 94524

Preventing False Alarms

An alarm owner can follow a few tips to prevent excessive false alarms and unnecessary emergency service dispatch. First, train all alarm users on how to properly engage and disengage the system. A number of false alarms are caused by users who are improperly trained. The alarm company should provide adequate training on how the system functions, and make sure that all potential users understand the process. Also, maintain the system properly so as to avoid any system malfunctions. Not only will that prevent false alarms, but will also assure that your alarm system works in the event of a real emergency.

If you have additional questions regarding the false alarm ordinance, please call the City of Rockford Alarm Program at 888-865-9770.

Note: The City of Rockford is no longer mailing or issuing Alarm Permit Stickers. Please call 888-865-9770 to obtain more information on obtaining a printed copy of the alarm permit.